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The Ultra Pure System is a ‘FINAL STAGE’ filter/poilishing system, Once the water is filtered by your Reverse Osmosis and Di filtration process down to 0PPM, 0TDS, the Ultra Pure System will then start a final ultrafiltration process removing further Ionic contaminants, Ions, Gases, until just solely ‘SUPERCHARGED’ water molecules are left in the 0PPB range.

The Ultra Pure System connects before your hose reel on board. This is a similar process to what happens in the laboratory environment, where they use a ‘delivery point-of-use unit‘ which provides a final filtering/polishing at the point-of-use, delivering Ultra Pure water to the user’s specific needs.

FACT: Ultra Pure water loses its ultra purity power by either being stored in tanks for a period of time before use or being transferred into a water tank on board. (thereby being exposed to the atmosphere and starting the process of absorbing carbon dioxide and negative ions). The Ultra Pure System solves this problem by filtering the water just before ‘point of use’, this ensures that the water processed is of highest quality 18.3 megohm resistivity, 0.055 microSiemens/cm or lower, or in the 0PPB range right to the windows.


Click the link below to watch how quick Ultra Pure Water loses its ultra purity once stored.


Speeds up cleaning time

Clean to a higher standard

Use less water per job

Less cleaning effort

Significantly reduces spotting issues and run streaks

Brush head glides along glass

Brakes down bird faeces and snail trails more rapidly

Incredible dirt dissolving power

Pure water Window cleaning systems

Turns your Pure water into Ultra Pure water

Simple, compact, robust design

High Quality Parts

Up to 15 Litres per minute of Ultra Pure water

Quick release for easy refill

4-5 months of Ultra Pure water per refill

Easy to install

Produces 100% Genuine Ultra Pure Water