Ultra Pure System

Ultra Pure System




  • Turn 0PPM Pure water into 0PPB range Ultra Pure water
  • Extra simple design for minimum maintenance and easy operation
  • High quality parts
  • Up to 15 litres a minute of Ultra Pure water
  • Easy to install
  • 4 – 5  months of Ultra Pure water per refill
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System package includes:

  • Ultra Pure System filled with specialized Laboratory, Nuclear Power Operation Spec Micro Beads.
  • Tank refill funnel
  • Filter securing bracket with marine grade stainless steel fixings.
  • Chrome quick release hose fittings.
  • Stainless steel Jubilee clips.



  • The Ultra Pure System is currently the only system on the market that can give you 18.3 megohm resistivity, or 0.055 microSiemens/cm or lower ( 0PPB range) Ultra Pure water at the brush head.


  • The Ultra Pure System has an integrated distribution system built into the tank, Eliminating top and bottom dead zones and also channeling, which can decrease the efficiency of the Micro Beads by 30%.


  • Unlike other suppliers of ‘Nuclear Grade Micro Beads\Resin’ which can be very poor quality and stored incorrectly, We use ‘Genuine’  Laboratory and Nuclear power operation Spec Micro Beads which are of a different specialized mix. All our Micro Beads are packed in Vacuum sealed bags, in a temperature-controlled atmosphere. *This is crucial as High-end Spec Nuclear Grade Micro Beads absorb moisture and contaminants from its surroundings before use, significantly shortening the life of the Micro Beads*.



Water molecules are polar with a slight negative and positive charge, This means they are really good at dissolving or pulling other molecules apart. When water is in an Ultra Pure state, it is more aggressive, “a super cleaner,” sucking out and dissolving dirt. It chemically seeks out dirt to bond with, as water wants to return to it’s natural state. Pure water absorbs minerals and contaminants from its surrounding environment, that is why when the water is ‘Ultra Pure’ the absorption rate is significantly increased.

Normal Reverse Osmosis pure water after Di is filtered to 3 megohm resistivity, 0.359 microSiemens/cm or commonly known as 0PPM. Ultra Pure Water’ is much purer, filtered to 18.3 megohm resistivity, 0.053 microSiemens/cm conductivity or lower, Or commonly known as 0PPB) at 25 °C.


The Ultra Pure System is a ‘FINAL STAGE’ Polishing system, Once the water is filtered by your Reverse Osmosis System and Di filtration process down to 0PPM, 0TDS, the Ultra Pure System will then start an Ultra filtration process removing further ionic contaminants, Ions, gases, until just solely ‘supercharged’ water molecules are left in the 0PPB range.

The Ultra Pure System connects before your hose reel on board. This is a similar process to what happens in the laboratory environment, where they use a ‘delivery point-of-use unit‘ which provides a final polishing at the point-of-use, delivering Ultra Pure water to the user’s specific needs.

FACT: Ultra Pure water will lose its Ultra Purity power by either being stored in tanks for a period of time before use or being transferred into a water tank on board. (thereby being exposed to the atmosphere and starting the process of absorbing carbon dioxide and negative ions). The Ultra Pure System solves this problem by filtering the water just before ‘point of use’ this ensures that the water processed is of highest quality 18.3 megohm resistivity, or 0.055 microSiemens/cm or lower, Or in the 0PPB range right to the windows. 

Click the link below to watch how quick Ultra Pure Water loses its ultra purity once stored.


  • Increased cleaning power by dissolving dirt faster. 
  • Cleans to a higher standard
  • Speeds up cleaning time  – so more jobs done in a day
  • Makes cleaning easier – so less effort is required.

  • Removes ingrained dirt in painted and uPVC window frames and doors
  • Reduces spotting issues
  • Breaks down bird faeces more rapidly
  • Cleans frames and sills to a much higher standard
  • Use less water per job as less scrubbing is required


  • Soffit, Fascia and gutters
  • Solar panels
  • Cladding and much more…



Please Note: The water in your tank on board must read 0PPM before entering the Ultra Pure System.

We recommend refilling the Ultra Pure System every 4-5 months to maintain the optimum quality of the water (Figures based on an incoming water reading to the Ultra Pure system of 0PPM).

System refills can be purchased through this web site.


10 reviews for Ultra Pure System

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ultra pure system is an easy retro fit to my existing set up. It is made of high quality material. And hassle free. When cleaning with ultra pure water it feels quicker and cleans the windows better than standard pure.
    A good addition to my set up.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I bought and then installed the ultra pure system into my van
    It was a simple task of just cutting the inline water feed pipe and connecting both ends either side.(all fittings included)

    The filter system it’s self feels and looks a high quality standard.

    The first time I used the system stright away I could tell the difference, I was cleaning windows a lot quicker then before the dirt just seems to disappear from frames and sills with ease.

    Bird crap now just dissolves of Windows where before it would take a lot of effort to remove.

    I would say I am now cleaning up to 20% quicker with the ultra pure system installed.

    I would highly recommend to all window cleaners if they want quicker cleaning power which in turn will earn you more money.

    Great product!

  3. 5 out of 5

    I didn’t know what to expect with this system, but it turned out to be alot better than I thought.
    It is made of high quality components with good fixings. It’s an easy fit to my van, just have to put it between my pump and hose, no electric’s to worry about.
    I haven’t used it for many hours yet, but it seems to me to break down dirt quicker, which means I am able to get more work done in a day.
    So all round a good investment.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Absolutely loved the Ultra Pure System! First Day tried it on a ‘First Clean’ and you could really tell the difference to using regular water! Cleaned over vents and there was no spotting left at all! Also used it on a restaurant window that always for some reason left marks with regular pure water but the ultra pure was amazing it left no marks!

    Defo speeds up your work once you see the results as you become more confident it its excellent results!!

    Design is slick and sturdy! It’s really easy to fit into your van just two screws and your off!

    Would highly recommend to window cleaners out there! Great product!!

  5. 5 out of 5

    An easy to install system which has many benefits.
    Speeds up cleaning by dissolving bird faeces, snail trails & bee poos, what normally takes a lot of scrubbing comes off with ease. Those annoying black bits that you constantly need to return to & chase down just slide down the glass.
    First cleans have never been so easy & those black & green frames come up gleaming quicker than ever.
    A great system, this is certainly going to be “the future” of water fed pole cleaning.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I recently installed this system and so far so good, very easy to fit. It seems to take off the dirt quicker and snail trails/bird poo comes off much easier too. The finish on the glass, frames and sills is noticeably cleaner – they are sparkling. Very happy with this product and a great addition to my system. I would highly recommend it.

  7. 5 out of 5

    I used this Ultra Pure water system and it is exactly what it claims to be; Ultra pure water!. When using this system it felt smoother on the glass and cleaned dirt quicker and made the job easier. Fully recommend to those who want to stand out from the rest.
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  8. 5 out of 5

    Was sceptical about this system, but after having used it I can say there is a definite difference compared to regular pure water. The brush head noticeably glides much more smoothly across the glass. It removes dirt more quickly.

  9. 5 out of 5

    After much umming and ahhing I decided to go for the Ultra Pure System. I’m so pleased that I have, the brush glides around on the glass, crusty birds mess comes away effortlessly, glass rinses better and also drains and dries much quicker.
    I’d highly recommend getting one of these systems.
    Johnny was also very helpful and really knows his stuff when it comes to the science behind it all.

  10. 5 out of 5

    So after a lot of deliberation, I finally took the plunge and got the ultra pure sysyem. I couldn’t be happier. It does a great job. Cleans frames and sills much quicker, also soiled windows are so much easier to clean now. This has helped me to earn more in a days work as I’m able to do more jobs in a day. It probably works out an hour faster in a day’s work, so I’ve been able to get my really big days done easily before the light does. I would definitely recommend for those that want to maximize the work they can fit into a day and those who want to stand out from the crowd.
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Simply connect the system to the pipeline between the WFP delivery pump and hose reel on board.


Connect the Ultra Pure system to the pipeline between the WFP delivery pump and hose reel on board.


If you have a hot water system, connect the Ultra Pure System to the pipeline between your WFP delivery pump and water heater on board.


Please Note - The water in your tank on board must be 0ppm before entering the Ultra Pure System.


We recommend refilling the Ultra Pure System approximately every 4-5 months to maintain the optimum quality of the water (Figures based on an incoming water reading to the Ultra Pure system of 0ppm).

Replacement filters can be purchased though this web site.

Approximate measurements before fittings:

Height: 49cm

Width 18cm

Max water output: 15 litres per minute

Max pressure: 8 bar


Simple Installation and Operation