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    Ultra Pure System Refill

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    Ultra Pure System Refill

    We recommend refilling the Ultra Pure System every 4-5 months to maintain the optimum quality of the water.  * Our Specialised Micro Beads are packed in Vacuum sealed bags, in a temperature-controlled atmosphere. This is crucial as High-end Sec Nuclear Grade Micro Beads absorb moisture and contaminants from its surroundings before use, shortening the life of the Micro Beads.*     The Ultra Pure System has an integrated distribution system built into the tank.
    • Integrated distribution system means greater micro beads efficiency by eliminating top and bottom dead zones and also channeling which can decrease the full use of the Micro Beads by 30%
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    Inline Strainer Filter

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    Inline Strainer Filter

    1/2 inch hose barb. An inline strainer is recommenced to avoid clogging up the pump from loose debris and tank swarf etc in the water.


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